Chickie's retreat project

Our dear friend Chickie worked on her old ThimbleCreek exchange at the New Year's retreat too. She had all those 6 or 7 year old blocks and finally put them all together into a stunning quilt. Here is Chickie...
Jan 09

Here is Chickie's quilt...
Jan 09

And here are both quilts, Sandy's and Chickie's. They are the result of the same block exchange..
Jan 09

That's to keep you occupied for awhile because I have been very busy making my Wagon Wheel blocks and reading my new favorite blog ( her love story titled "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" is better than a harlequin romance...and she calls her love "Marlboro Man"). Ok now, go read it so I can finish this law office stuff so I can go home and make more Wagon Wheels and listen to my daughters tales about her first high school finals week....
LM 1/22/09

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