Oh, so you want to know what Sandy was making at the retreat??

Monday, January 12, 2009

About 6 years ago, a bunch of us from ThimbleCreek did yet another block exchange. The block was 12" and can be seen clearly at the top left corner of Sandy's quilt. We were all kind of bummed because the blocks just weren't as cute SO LARGE. I don't know what we were thinking. I was thinking (after I had made my 40 blocks or whatever the amount was), dang. I wish we'd done them 6". Smaller is always better.... So a lot of us filed them away, not very inspired to finish. I traded Sandy for all her blue and black blocks and ended up making a quilt for my sweet sister. She had a denim couch and I knew she'd love it. She did. So I was done. I went on with life, traveled, raised kids, got a divorce, moved to England for a season, came home and a couple of years later Sandy came upon her blocks in the closet. "Look! I can DO something with these!" she said. This was November or the beginning of Dec 2008. She gets like this. And we love it. Honestly, it's one of the great things we love about Sandy. A project can lie dormant, like a turtle in a box in the attic for the winter season, and pretty soon you can hear it scratching in it's box...hibernation is over and he's ready to come out to play in the yard.....oh yeah, wandering off here, aren't I? (I honestly did meet a family once who kept their big old turtle in a box in the attic for the whole winter and when they heard it scratching, they'd get it out of it's box, haul it downstairs and put it in the yard that was totally fenced and that turtle would waddle it's way to it's outdoor doghouse"turtlehouse", happy to start another season in the California sun. Can't get a visual? That turtle was about the size of an Xtra Large pizza box.)
I had given Sandy an old book on Pennsylvania Dutch designs for her birthday in September. It was a great source of inspiration to her, as you can see in the photo. She started laying out blocks and then machine appliqueing designs. She's a genius. Honestly. I totally look up to her. This is the result. As I was resolutely working on my Log Cabin Quilt in Napa, she was machine appliqueing around every little piece. Every leaf, horse, human and flower and vine...it's a masterpiece.
And that's what she did during the Napa trip! I have to write this because she never "does" the computer, although she has an iphone (which I can't even dream to figure out). She'll never write about it all, so I will. And if you're interested, it's http://www.americanjane.com/. THE END

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