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Thursday, March 12, 2009

March quilts and stuff, originally uploaded by larajanepark.
This is the Wagon Wheel Quilt that I made in one month. I started it January 10th, 2009 and had it quilted and bound by Feb 12, 2009. Sandy made one too. I had seen a very old quilt top at the local art gallery, The Bedford Gallery in the Dean Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA last fall. I took a picture of it, I will have to post that later. I went to Sandy's shortly thereafter and told her that this is the quilt I coveted most from the exhibit and that we HAD to make a pattern out of it. So we drafted it, pooled our Civil War reproduction fabrics and got to sewing. I'll post a picture of Sandy's later. Very soon you will be able to purchase a Wagon Wheel Quilt pattern of your own from www.americanjane.com. But then, of course, you'll have to make it!
I had so much fun making this. The spokes were paper pieced and because of the way we cut the fabric, the curves were surprisingly easy to sew. We made the spokes first, then pieced the outside curve of each quarter block, then added the center. Once the 4 pieces were done, we added the crossbars and the red center squares. 16 blocks total.
This particular quilt measures about 68" square. I don't have it right in front of me, but I think I added 4" borders. I used my favorite batting, Dream Cotton, the thin one (request or select???Whichever is the thinnest, that's what I always use). And I quilted it in an all over stipple, about 1/2" apart. I don't really feel like selling it because the fabrics are pretty rare and would be impossible to replace, but times being what they are I could be talked out of it for around $1600. And I do Paypal. So feel free to pass this little blog onto the collectors you know....

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larajanepark said...

This quilt has sold. Sorry guys!

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