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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I made this dusty old treasure a long time ago. I used to have quite a roaring pincushion business, but I got sidetracked....
I do make special requests on occasion. I will post examples of my work later.
old quilt pincushion made by me

Antique hand carved acorn needlekeep. HM gave it to me as a token of his affection. Purchased in Solvang on our way to Santa Barbara a few years ago.
Hand carved acorn needlekeep

needlekeep opened:
Hand carved acorn needlekeep

I love treasures that have romantic weekend memories attached!

Handmade by me Champagne Chair....
Champagne Chair (made by me)

I save all the tops from Champagne to make these lovely little chairs....French Champagne is best, but a good California Sparkling is wonderful too. Try Schramsberg.....

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