Happy Campers!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scarlett, originally uploaded by larajanepark.

A few weeks ago this yummy box of Happy Camper goodies came to the studio for our creating pleasure. This is Sandy Klop's new line for Moda called "Happy Campers". She's off to market in PA today to sell all of her new patterns and fabrics. This particular line does not come available to the public until next fall (2009), but all the quilt stores will be ordering it this week from Quilt Market. Sandy managed to create so many quilts with her new fabrics! Tons of new patterns. I'm not kidding, almost every day I went to the studio for the last month and she had a new quilt for me to stipple. It's exciting to work together and mess with stuff on the design wall until it gets JUST PERFECT....
I'll be posting a few more pictures shortly, but this one is just FUN IN A BOX!

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