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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now & Later Quilts from
This is the "Now" made from the Happy Camper line:

The Now from "Now & Later"

...this is the "Later" (One's a baby quilt the next one is for Later, when you're a big kid!)

The Later from "Now & Later"

I made all of the blocks real quick one night for "homework", Sandy put them together with the ABC sashing from one cool bolt of fabric from the Happy Camper line that has 4 different prints in it, each about 12" wide running the length of the bolt, with the ABC's inbetween prints....we love doing a bolt this way. It worked for "Recess" and "Snippets" very well.


1 comment :

hayjude said...

What a great job! I'm jealous.

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