Monday, May 18, 2009

I could go anywhere for a very extended period of time with these 7 things....
Seven things I'm never without
My trusty ipod mini, my ratty but reliable Nokia cell phone, Benefit's bene tint (rosy cheeks in a bottle), Diorshow mascara in black, T. LeClerc loose powder in "Banane" (I always purchase this in Paris), my Coach "Sarah" sunglasses (which I have had for 2 1/2 years and have NEVER lost). The 7th item is my little camera. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes my Canon PowerShot SD750 comes everywhere with me.

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catherine said...

Hi Darling - you could combine 3 of those items if you subbed an iphone (my never to be w/o item) - camera, phone, ipod + more - I LOVE benetint also & use it for lip color as well as rosy cheeks - so add some sugar lip balm from fresh to fill in the space you now have by your multi-useful iphone - love & miss you - catherine - ps, can you show me how to make a champagne chair?

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