Waikiki Beach

Friday, May 8, 2009

Waikiki Beach, originally uploaded by larajanepark.

Hawaii was wonderful. 10 days alone on the beach at Waikiki. No car. I read 7 books and got as brown as a berry. I had Mai Tai's and Chi Chi's at Hale Koa in the afternoons most days (along with my hot dog smothered with mustard-the best deal in town) but I still prefer a good dirty martini to any old tropical drink. Thankfully Jeff and Chrissy at the Harbor Pub downstairs know how to make a good "Dirty Goose" (I have never heard it called that!).

I took my trusty 3 year old laptop (pc) and spilled water on the keyboard 3 days into my trip, so I was WITHOUT A COMPUTER for 7+ days while I was there and then a few more weeks at home. I didn't die, but the girls were not very pleased...

I took pictures of myself with my cell phone and a few pictures of the scenery with my little camera. Let me tell you it was hard to get back to real life after such a wonderful vacation on my own.

Then Mom came for a visit for a week and the girls and I loved that! She was even here for my birthday and we got to go out to the Yacht Club for oysters and champagne and other yummy goodies that are on my "favorites" list. The girls planted me a "sweet pea" garden (my favorite flower) for my birthday, Mom gave me a beautiful bracelet and a coupon for another trip to HI at Christmastime *YAHOO*! My HM gave me my much coveted MacBook Pro on which I am going to become famously adept at Adobe's CS3 (and eventually CS4).

My Mom always said that 40 was her best year. I will have to agree. But 41 is looking even more fabulous...what if they all keep getting BETTER from now on??? If thats the case, by the time I die there will be no place better to be than Heaven. I'll have had the best of everything in life....OH GOODY, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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