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Monday, June 1, 2009

My kind of comic book...., originally uploaded by larajanepark.

I visited my dear friend Catherine today. We walked to Chinese and had 3 hours of serious girl talk. Before I left I asked to use the powder room and this is what i found in the magazine rack.....

Let me tell you, I spent my childhood reading comic books. A wonderful thing to do handed down to me by my mother. My favorites were always Archie and Betty & Veronica. But I also loved Donald Ducks and Richie Rich's. I can still picture Scrooge McDuck on his pile of money in his vault, tossing it in the air.....what a wonderful image of utter lifetime security! And Cadbury, Richie Rich's butler-how he couldn't STAND to hear a teabag *squished* against the side of a teacup-HOW UNCOUTH! The nasty miss Mayda Munny....Richie Rich in his short pants and bow tie. Such a sweet innocent boy.

Like a spy (although Catherine will be reading this and cracking up), I carefully removed my trusty camera from my hand-me-down Coach bag and snapped a picture of this Betty & Veronica Comic Book. HA! Sometimes don't you just feel like packing a bag and leaving behind all of these people who JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU????
....or is it just me????
The best part of this story is that Catherine is studying to be a "talking-to-Dr." (that's what we call it in my house!) and she's almost done, bless her heart! I want to tell you that I had some good FREE THERAPY today, but the honest answer is I think we were just girls combining our lifetime experiences about love and stuff, trying to help each other out.

In conclusion, we can do this by ourselves, we have proved that. But wouldn't it be nice to have somebody just come after you and say, "But DARLING! YOU are the PRIZE....I'll do anything for you" and of course there's that "happily ever after" thing. I guess I'm the same as I was when I was a little girl, reading comics that always end the way they are supposed to and thinking to myself, "that's the way it should be". Even if as a grown up I know that we're born alone, and we die alone so we'd better just get used to it. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting someone to just share stuff with. Till the end of time.

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catherine said...

Oh Darling Lara - thanks for the shout out in your posting today - I laughed & cried - & yes, that's what we both, what every girl deserves - to have a great guy who knows we are the greatest prize & who counts his blessings that we choose to be with him - thanks for a great afternoon - your loving friend, c

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