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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When one gate closes, another gate opens....

Old gate at the Casa

The last 10 days have been all about change. Time to move, what to do, how to do it, and all by myself. The above gate will be missed. It's part of my cozy ancient little cottage that the girls and I will be leaving by July 28. We have found an even tinier cottage across town that happens to be so close to wonderful friends and both the middle school and the high school. It's brand new, nobody has ever even lived in it and we are so very happy to have found it.

I told the girls it will be like living on a boat, or in a doll house. I think it's going to be JUST RIGHT for us!

New tiny cottage

It's kind of cool that we girls are doing this all by ourselves....good for the girls that they have a Mom who can handle it. And good for me that I've lived to tell about the last 10 days.... Handsome man happened to find this for me:
Handsome Man brought me this

And in the normal world, Beautiful Daughter #1 went from this:
PG Woodhouse
to this yesterday:
Cute 15 1/2 year old
I think that's enough excitement for now....

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Alexa Marie said...

oooh my goodness i LOVE paris' new haircut!!! so so so so dang cute! wow!

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