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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I finally got the Grammy Camp pictures loaded to flickr. There are so many wonderful photos. My Mom is GREAT with the camera, and of course she had lovely subjects and a gorgeous setting. You can almost forgive the fact that there are WAY TOO MANY gray and wet days in WA when you get to enjoy the last couple of weeks in July through September in the Pacific Northwest. It's where I spent most of my summers growing up and I wanted my kids to have "summer in Washington" memories too. It helps that I have the best Mama in the whole world. And we just adore Grampa George! He was such a good sport to agree to host Grammy Camp this year...we love him too.

My beautiful freckle faced girl Scarlett:
my beautiful freckle face farm girl

Frog Rock, Bainbridge Island, WA:
Frog Rock, Bainbridge Island, WA

Beautiful Paris and little Otis:
Paris and Otis in the hammock

Pear and Grampa Geo:
Paris and Grampa George

Mama (Gram) & George at the Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier National Park (the girls took this picture- it's so cute):
George and his girl, Cindy. Paradise Inn, Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

Scarlett and Paris with their beautiful 87 year old Great Gramma- Arlee Jo Sharkey:
Scarlett, Mimi and Paris

It looks like the porch at the farm, but it's really the living room...Grampa George is rebuilding the whole house! Thankfully the windows are finally in this month:
living room at Gram & Geo's

But I sent Mom a cashmere scarf this week, just in case theres a window or two left to install...

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Amy said...

Ah sister! I love the pictures! Scarlett is so beautiful with all those cute freckles. Reminds me of my gracie girl. I love the picture of Paris with Grandpa candid! Also love seeing mama and g together in that picture, so cute. they look great. Thanks so much for sharing. It makes me feel a part of your life when I see the pictures and get the updates!! love you so much sister.xoxooxoxoox Aim

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