Another Gramma Mom letter 3/16/1976

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Certificate of Marriage
"Ever Body got Married...."

Washington D.C.
March 16, 1976

Mother married when Elgie was 9, Bean-5, Me 14, Earl 18 years (1919). He was not a kind man. Bad temper. Beat horses and cows so the four years was hell for Mother. Earl married at 21 years old. It was to be a double wedding as I was to marry also. Mother made my wedding dress-Changeable lt. blue and pink lace trim. Suit-tan, tan hat lined with pink velvet, tan purse + shoes. A pretty crepe de chine nitie pink lace trim mother made, also slips and undies.

The man I was to marry liked to take a drink, In those days booze was a disgrace. He came to see me, and he had (had)a drink. It went on for several times, so the last time he called I told him "you come once more after drinking-it's quits". He worked in a meat market for his step-dad, and he drank. He lived in Bucoda- a small town, his name was Mede Cooley, a very nice man.

It was horse + buggy days so he rented a horse to ride up river to see me. When he came, he was so happy but he was rather oozey. So I said this is it, it has happened again.
He begged very hard and said O! I met the boys to the saloon told then I was getting married, so the beer flowed freely. It would make a very sad marie (?) to see that man ride away. He was so sad. Me, it dident seem to hurt too long. When I told Mother, I said how come you would let me marry at 17? She said I never wanted the trouble with another like we had with Nora she was so determined. (remember Nora was arguing with her father about getting married at 16 when he died of a heart attack while putting on his shoes, with Gramma Mom on his lap when she was 9!) You see my sister was 17 yrs old when she wanted to marry Lester Ritter. They tried to tell her to wait, but no go.

So at 22 yrs old my brother Earl married. He married Agnes Smith from Bucoda. Her folks had a Hotel + Delivery stable in Bucoda. Earl worked the farm for a while, but Agnes wasn't happy on the farm. In fact she wasent very happy any place. She married my brother not for love but to shield herself as she was 2 months with baby when she married. She was quite a stepper. Once when I stopped to see her, she was for a walk with the man she loved, so when she came in her mother said why do you half to have 1/2 a dozen chasing you when you are to marry soon?

7 mo later a baby was borned, it died. At that time they were on a small farm Mother had, Mother still farmed- had hired men. She worked very hard, grandma too. Me I never cared for outdoor work, so I cooked, washed + etc. I always liked to dance, so my cousin Vesta and I rode our horses up to the mill way up the river. We always had fun. (Lara's note: Mom went to see Mimi today and Mimi reminded us that Gramma Mom's horse was named "Danny Boy")

Before my brother Earl was married, he took me to the Bucoda dances. He had a nice horse + buggie. So after he married I would go stay over night with my Aunt Blanche. She lived in Bucoda and liked to dance also. Later on we moved to Tenino where I met Ben Anderson, on my 18th birthday. Henning anderson had a dray (?) so they were maring us in the house my sister lives in now.

****Lara's note: I think GMom and Ben did not get married until after he went to Europe for World War 1, where he got mustard gassed and had health complications his whole life after returning from the war. Of course, we know he died of a brain aneurysm while at the VA hospital in Portland, OR in 1945. Also, the story goes that Ben had a French girlfriend while at war and her name was Jo, so when Stella and Ben had a baby girl, Stella insisted on Arlee but Ben insisted on Jo. Nobody talks much about the French girlfriend, I'm sure it was just a wartime thing. There is another letter where GMom describes running back into a burning building to retrieve her photo of her beau Ben who was at war. Fire trapped her and she had to jump out of the 2nd story window. She always said that's how she got a bum hip. I'll post that letter later.
Estella's wedding dress (silken scrap)


larajanepark said...

Mom just wrote this in an email (I'll have to teach her how to leave a comment for "ever body" to read....
I think she meant "memory" for the MARIE.
Also the reason she was working at the hotel in Tenino was the mean step father had thrown a burning lantern at her on the stairs at the farm (I think she was 14 or 15). She said she left that day and got a job. She was also taking care of two little boys and had to get them out first in the fire, then she went back for the picture and had to jump out of the second story of the hotel. You'll probably come to the story about her bad hip, she came to the door with baby Arlee in her arms. The was a beggar asking for food and she said she'd get him some if he chopped wood. About that time her hip went out, the baby flew into the air and the man caught her!

Lex said...

love these :)

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