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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Budweiser Cart
Budweiser Cart
French pine dish rack
French Pine Dish Rack
Federal Style chair (that went home with me!)
Little Federal Style Chair that went home with me....
now it's in my house!
and the chest that also came home to my house!

We had to get the new dresser into the house, so HM (handsome man)brought all of his tools and we made a day of hanging the two mirrors from Christmas, some bathrobe hooks for the girls, and a French Coat rack that I bought from William's Antiks YEARS ago. Feels good to get things organized. Seems like I am always somewhere else, and the little things don't always get done. It was a day to accomplish things. HM's reward for his handy-man services was this:
the reward for the day
I know, I know. Seems silly, but the guy has this thing for tiny animals. Especially BIRDS. Which is disturbing sometimes since he has said to me often enough, "Birds are for shooting". You should see the little creatures all lined up on his kitchen windowsill.....but that's a tale for another day.
One last shot of the handy HM at work:
HM, the turkey and the tools.
and the turkey. Of course. It was a fine trade. xoxox

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