The Great Quail Country Camel Rescue of May 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my camelLast weekend was Quail Country's famous spring outdoor sale. QC is my little local antiques collective. I'm always sneaking in and poking around the rooms of this little tiny house that is a store. It's about a block from my house so I visit it often.

I ran over there before work last saturday morning and this is the treasure I bought. He was in a ziplock bag marked $3. I took him home for $2. His legs were broken but they didn't fall off. HM did a little Camel surgery and painted the chipped spots and here he is.

I don't think your weekend is quite complete without a vintage Camel rescue and repair. (and a San Francisco street fight, I missed that one, but HM went...that's a whole nother story) I love that life is so interesting.

PS there was a black wise man in another zip lock bag. But he was $5 and he wouldn't exactly go with the Camel and the giraffe. The wise man was looking for baby Jesus, not me, so I left him there)

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