Flea Market Sunday

Sunday, June 6, 2010

In a rush as am off to a fundraising event at Back Forty this afternoon...But what a fun day at Alameda today! The weather was perfectly wonderful-sunny skies, sailing breeze, and a full house of dealers and shoppers. The view of San Francisco was delicious (as always) and HM and I ran into some great friends of mine (besides William and Katie of William's Antiks). I found two lovely french soup spoons (monogrammed with crests) and an English Mustard Pot.

Here are some treasures I went home WITHOUT:
License plates and frying pan

UK transportation signs

Bath Bacon
Popeye the Gnome was already sold...
aluminum play cutlery
Bicycle built for two...
remarkable display bed

Bobbsey Twins book
And I'm always decorating my imaginary studio....
Needed for my studio!!!

Nun's display
George's booth always has great treasures.....I loved this one.
Bathing Beauties

Old home memories...
Identical to our old home porch swing...
Slice of French fabric. (better than dessert!)

little bits of whatnots:
packaged treasures

WWW.WILLIAMSANTIKS.COM is my favorite booth ALWAYS. And it was a special treat to see his lovely wife Katie and his handsome son Quinlan in his booth today. The next two items rank as MOST UNUSUAL FINDS of the day:
a hose keeper. From a convent in France. Below....

French hose keeper!
and...just guess...
Just Guess...you'll never guess.
(it's a milking stool. Strap it on and hop from cow to cow. I've never seen one like it!)
William and Katie have the best treasures ever! Here's another one:
french treasures!

And a great green sign I found and totally wanted (but, again, $45ish dollars)
It is expressly forbidden for you to walk on the grass!

I don't want to wear you out, so I'll save some more for later...
Here's Baghdad by the Bay, as old Herb Caen used to say....
Alameda Antiques Faire 6.6.10
It was so lovely and the day is not even over yet. xoxoxoxome


Amy said...

i love all of the pictures you share from the flea market. i remember going to the flea market with mom and dad when we were younger. oh the treasures we would find! you bring back good memories with all of your photos. thanks for sharing sis!! love you tons. xoxoxooxox aim

Daphne said...

I love the way these pictures capture the atmosphere of the flea market. :) I love your blog. Thanks for commenting on mine!
Lots of Love,

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