Candlestick Park Antiques & Collectibles Faire

Monday, July 26, 2010

There is a new flea market in town- The Candlestick Park Antiques and Collectibles Faire. It is the 3rd Sunday of every month. They have room for 500 vendors. We went the first day, Sunday, July 18th, 2010.
Here's me, ready to go:
Mama ready for the flea market in SF

Beautiful Daughter #2 came along. We bribed her with candy. She posed near my favorite transportation signs as a measuring guide. She is about 5'7". My friend Sandy lives on Sandy Lane and I think she needs this sign. Where she would put it, I do not know.
Scarlett (for measurements sake)

I saw some gorgeous breadboards:

Gorgeous breadboards
But I don't cook. So I passed them by.

I thought of my sister AMY when I saw her old doll, Margie, in the exact old wooden high-chair that she received for Christmas from Santa when she was 3. Holy Cow, we loved playing babies...
Margie and the doll high chair

I thought of my little sister LISA (and my DAD) when I ran across two Bobs!
Double Bob's
We used to go to Bob's Big Boy for dinner. Lisa would get the brownie hot fudge sundae. EVERY TIME. Mom and Dad took us there. It was our family dinner hang out spot.

Scarlett was a great sport...there were plenty of OLD things to discover. Like typewriters-
Scarlett found something she liked..
and the old Mickey Mouse Phone Amy and I used to share during high school-
Old Mickey Mouse Phone

I always like William's stuff:
Lovely punch bowl (
and his French club chairs are the best. Each wonderful and unique, French and OLD!
Lovely small French Chair (

The enamel clock faces remind me of a beautiful piece of ART I once found in a gallery in Paris (5th arr.). Someday I would like to find that piece of art again. It was a beautiful collage of enameled clock faces. Enorme- about 10 ft tall and 6+ ft wide. I would have bought it on the spot, but tant pis, I was a pauper then (as I am now!) and besides, it weighed a TON.
Enamel clock faces (I SO WANTED THESE)

Certain treasures remind me of certain people, it's true. I seem to think of Karen Finlay most on flea market days. We've been friends since we were 11. That's a long time. Last year all of her garden gnomes were GNOMENAPPED from her front yard. It was so sad. Since then, I always watch out for the person who may try to sell them at the flea market. Or I just watch for replacements-
The Gnome from the1850's ($575)
(nah, too scary! Too expensive $575! and too old- 1850's)

this one was more affordable at $55, but not very cute...
the affordable Gnome ($55)

If you see any gnomes, please let me know. I'm always on the lookout for them. For Karen.

Karen writes one of my favorite blogs-

Back to the flea market:
There was a toadstool. But it was cracked and kind of *strange* and not very cute so I wasn't tempted

All this 'gnomes in the garden' stuff made us think of Howard and Sarah. HM bought the frogs and he and Beautiful Daughter #2 hauled them to the car
We now OWN the frogs
and drove them across the bridge
Golden Gate Bridge from a boat
(oh heck, I didn't have a picture of the Bay Bridge so just pretend!) and through the tunnel:
Caldecott Tunnel eastbound
and planted them in Howard and Sarah's yard-(while they were in Wisconsin...)
They kinda belong here...
Frogs at Howard & Sarah's

And they were surprised! Sure beats the old cows we planted in their yard last year. And definitely better than the football Santas...

Howard & Sarah should be so glad they got frogs instead of the football santa's.
49er's Santa or Raiders Santa?

See you August 22nd at Candlestick Park.


Amy said...

Great pictures, such an amazing blog! I still have the "Margie" doll, which use to be mom's baby. (yes, her leg is still broken). I gave the highchair to Kira many, many years ago hoping it would get more play time! And I still have that Mickey Mouse my garage! What fun memories. Wish I could go to the flea market with you! Lots of memories and fun treasures. Love you sister, can't wait to see you.....TOMORROW!!!! xoxoxooxxo Aim

clare said...

Very well said dear! Love your blog (not so keen on the frogs!) but LOVE the chair and the clocks and the signs. You know they are old double decker bus signs for all the old routes. They used to be on a roll inside the front of the bus and they would just wind them up (or down) to the next destination that that bus might be assigned to. Sandy MUST have the Sandy Lane one!!!

larajanepark said...

the frogs were meant to be a joke. But I think they like them! We just pull these kinds of pranks every now and then....

Yes, I love the bus signs...I loved London!

Sparkleneely said...

Ohhh, I ALWAYS think of you while flea marketing! I remember going to Alameda flea with you back in the 80's -- I still have the 1930's Betty Boop alarm clock I bought that day for what, like a dollar? And thank you for bing on the gnome lookout. I am still mourning the loss of beloved King Tubby. So sad... xoxoxoxo

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