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Friday, July 9, 2010

I said, "sometimes the girls can be cynical" and he said, "they get that from their Mama"....How did I get to be so cynical? I seriously have to work on that.....

My darling niece Alexa wrote a new blog post. It's great. Actually, she is the happiest, most fun, cheerfullest, darlingest, fabulous, sunny person I have ever EVER met. When I wake up every morning, I'm going to strive to be more like Miss Lex. She's the kind of girl that makes you want to be a better person. And you don't meet too many people like that in a lifetime.

I'm only on my 64th blogpost so I'll make my list of 64 things that make me happy:

1. sunshine
2. ocean waves crashing on a beach
3. memories
4. my sisters
4. my sisters' children
5. my children
6. good 'n plentys
7. California Cabernets
8. France
9. flea markets
10. knowing someone loves you to death
11. loving someone to death
12. clean laundry on a clothesline
13. doing laundry
14. eating food that someone else cooks
15. pictures
16. sand in my toes
17. antiques and vintage shops
18. hammocks
19. all the windows open in the house
20. old friends
21. family
22. remembering the good stuff
23. going two weeks without crying
24. watching my kids with their cousins
25. sewing
26. decorating my imaginary perfect house in my head
27. going to the movies
28. baseball games
29. swimming in the ocean
30. fabric
31. making paper dolls
32. good quotes
33. getting my hair done
34. kissing
35. road trips
36. old songs
37. the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion
38. pink peonies
39. listening to the French language spoken
40. creme brulee in Paris
41. filing letters from people I love into my cookbooks
42. vintage pendelton shirts
43. playing the piano (*note to self:take lessons)
44. kissing that spot at the back of a baby's neck
45. daisies
46. new shoes
47. Sandy's Studio
48. being on a boat
49. feeling beautiful
50. collecting shells
51. red geraniums in pots
52. my special treasures
53. Stelara
54. singing outloud to songs on my ipod while machine quilting (sorry sam)
55. french fries with american mustard
56. Miss Wolf
57. Peet's coffee
58. my black ford
59. my scrapbook from the 2001 trip to France with Sandy et al.
60. french onion soup
61. Washington in August
62. rowboats
63. Bernese Mountain Dogs
64. saltwater sandals on kids. And me.


1 comment :

miss lex: said...

ahhhh i love this! and you! it also must be in the genes, i decorate my imaginary house all the time! :)

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