Let her into you heart

Monday, July 12, 2010

Notes of note:

I'm obsessed with the good cheer, fine photography, and love that are all presented daily in Alexa's blog. I had some time this morning to take a look at some of the blogs she reads and this one is also outstanding. When I was this young, I knew everything and I was happy to tell you all so. I can't think how many times I was told, "Oh you think you know EVERYTHING".

Now that I'm older, I'm inclined to think that it is actually possible that an 18 or a 20 year old woman can actually KNOW everything. All that's important. True I have another lifetime of more experience- loves true and not so true, hope, children, joy, loss, travel and many many jobs. Sometimes I think the years of experience cause me to be badly unbalanced-overly sad or worried. I know about true suffering, broken hearts, death and dying and these things can overtake a girl and cause us to DWELL (I don't like this word). But if you read some of these young girls' daily posts you might agree with me. All that is truly important, they already know.....
blue skies, sunny days, simple pleasures, family love, blessings you are wise enough to count, good books, the love of learning, good photos, sentimental memories, and the importance of keeping these things THE MOST IMPORTANT in your life.

Here's one more that I love. I also love that I recognize the important things. I'll just have to work on making those heavier on the scale than the broken heart/stress/worries-of-a-single-mom side.

I had the pleasure of Sir Paul McCartney's presence on Saturday evening. So I'll send you to the lyrics of Hey Jude.
....take a sad song and make it better...Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better.

I have to let that girl that I was back into my heart. She wasn't so bad after all.
And if it weren't for her (and all her faults), we wouldn't be here today...

and here is a pretty good place to be.


catherine said...

I miss you Lara....

larajanepark said...

thanks Cat. I thought you'd dropped off the face of the Earth. Let's do lunch on Piedmont sometime soon. Or in WC? I miss you too :)

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