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Thursday, August 19, 2010

About 7 years ago, I had a roaring pin-cushion business. And I was featured in a small part of "Diablo Magazine" in a spring issue sometime in 2004. I ran across the ONE clipping I had of this and wanted to share it.
Featured in Diablo Magazine sometime in the spring of 2004

Unfortunately I don not have too many pictures of the hundreds of pincushions I created during that time, having lost all of my photos in an unfortunate event in 2005.
goose pincushion
I made the Cherry Pie one for Chickie...
And this is one I kept for myself:
old quilt pincushion made by me
My standard tomato pincushions on old spools:
Pincushions for Christmas House on Bainbridge Island. WA
A pre-pincushion pile:
a jar of inspiration:
and i like my inspiration all around me...
odd's and ends11
and I collect "inspiration" from the flea markets in Paris...
paris treasures 5.5.06
If anyone out there has photographs of a pincushion I created for them, I'd love to see it. Please send your photos to larajanepark@gmail.com.

PS: as soon as I posted this, I went to read Alexa's blog (as I do) and LOOK WHAT SHE POSTED ALL BY HERSELF before I even wrote this!!! The pincushion I made for her. In her new college apartment! I feel so special!
Miss Lex's pincushion I made her.
Ok. Now it's really THE END. Thank you. xoxo


larajanepark said...
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Amy said...

I love your blog. And all of your darling treasures and pincushions. I am so blessed to be the sister to such amazing talent! Love you so much.
ps thanks for all of your love and support this week! it's been very helpful! :)

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