words to live by- Alexa Call 8.10

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I will, on occasion, steal pictures from Lex. This one is fabulous. Taken from her new apartment at college. I love this girl....


Amy said...

These are the words I would say to her (and my other kids) as they left out the door every day; for school, dates, etc. Only I didn't say "say hi to all attractive men" (ha!) but I DID say: Have fun. Be safe. Choose the right. Return with Honor. No kissing.
Happy to see that she has her own version of what she heard so many years living at home! :)
ps I'm certain the no kissing thing didn't happen all the time! :)

miss lex: said...

haha i'm glad you like this aunt lara :) we always keep it full of words of wisdom, i'll be sure to share some more! love you!

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