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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flea market day was Sunday, September 5, 2010. I had both girls so we met up with HM and went treasure hunting. It was a long, sunny, perfect, fun day that began with Peet's coffee and Noah's Bagels and the flea market and ended with an A's vs Angels game at the Oakland Coliseum. If I wait any longer to post, it will be too late to really be exciting... Here are the favorite photos of the day:
Beautiful Green Cabinet (my favorite color!)
Pretty Green Cabinet
The perfect tiny Paris for my studio (I could shoot myself for not buying this):
Tiny Parisian Neighborhood-ALAMEDA
I could design an entire house around this canvas:
I've shown you these before, I never tire of their beauty (esp the green ones!):
Hungarian Yogurt Pots-ALAMEDA
Another BIG NUT, just like the one I inherited from my Great Gramma Mom! HM bought it for me and now I have two nuts. (besides the girls, who when told by me "now I have a nut to hand down to each of my girls" promptly started the 'dibs' process saying "I GET THE ORIGINAL NUT" *sheesh* a mom can't win):
The Big Nut-just like mine!! ALAMEDA
A fabulous set light for the movie girl in me (and for my imaginary studio!):
For the Movie Girl in Me
This is for the early morning rides to the boulangerie (conveniently located in the same town as my charming *imaginary* atelier):
Charming. For early am rides to the boulangerie
Of course, I will have all the time in the world to spend in my beautiful atelier (won't mind "clockwatching" with this beauty):
Beautiful Big Clock
For the plant that will never die (in my perfect studio):
Roseville $375 Alameda
And even MORE beautiful French enamel clock:
French Clock
I will have all French silverware (like these, I should have at least purchased the forks at $7 each-kicking myself now):
French Silverware- ALAMEDA
J'observerai mes poissons nager dans ce fishbowl:
Deco Fishbowl $875
Back in aux etats unis, I will need gas:
When I return to my beautiful imaginary studio I will need the following items:
Table of lovely French Treasures
Really, how could I have left without this clock???
Stunning Yellow Clock Face-ALAMEDA
Or these?
Petite Clocks-ALAMEDA
I could make a few quilts to feather this beautiful nest:
French Day Bed-ALAMEDA
Or I could just drink lots of coffee and wake up from this little atelier dream:
Coffee a la Francaise
We passed on food (but it was so HARD!!) as we were headed out to the baseball game:
Good to eat-ALAMEDA
And I have to say, a good time was had by all 4 of us:
A's game 9/5/10
Baseball Girls!

The End For Now

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Amy said...

I love hearing about your adventures and seeing all of your wonderful pictures. I'm so glad that although we cannot buy all of the fun treasures we see that we can have enjoy seeing them and making great memories!
I love you so much sister and I am so proud of you!!
xoxoxoxoxo love ya, Aim

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