Thursday, September 2, 2010

This is from July 13, 2010 (I was waiting to upload photos and forgot!)

I'm sorry if you've read it before, but I have to say....
It really takes SO LITTLE to make me happy.
This came via UPS today when I was leaving Sandy's. I sat on the porch at the Klop's and waited for Stan to cut open the box. Inside the box was the Wagon Wheel Quilt and 3 copies of QUILTMANIA no. 78. Published in France. I'm on page 53!!!

This summer I was mentioned as Sandy's machine quilter in the most recent edition of the lovely French magazine called "Quiltmania"
Quiltmania, Issue #78
My famous moment:
My small moment of fame :)
The photo the magazine took:
The photo Quiltmania took of the Wagon Wheel Quilt
The quilt Sandy made (and I quilted):
Wagon Wheel quilt made of "Happy Campers" fabric from American Jane
layout of directions (metric):
Metric directions for the Wagon Wheel quilt
The quilt I made when Sandy and I dreamed up the pattern in Jan of 2009 (the girls climbed to the treehouse to hold it up so I could take a picture of it):
Quilts and ebay feb 0937
And this is the original that inspired me to make it. That inspired Sandy to make it. That made Kandy design the pattern. That made it a best selling pattern on Sandy's website. That made Moda happy because it sold so much Happy Campers fabric.

I even used the Wagon Wheel quilt as a banner for this blog. HM has the quilt I made on his bed.

I guess a lot of people were happy. All because one lady, a long, long time ago, sometime in the 1860's, decided to make a Wagon Wheel quilt out of her scrap fabrics. Special thanks to The Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, CA for showing an old quilt exhibit that I couldn't resist going to. And thanks to HM for going with me. I love the entire INSPIRATION PROCESS. That is what I am all about.

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