Gone fishin'

Monday, October 25, 2010

Not really, but it sounds catchy.
But no, I've been here. Can you blame me for not writing?
My beach. Waikiki. 10/25/10
Waikiki sunset
and it's really pretty every day
I never ever ever ever get tired of people watching...
surfing dog, Waikiki
So I sit down a lot. Have lunch. Look at a view. Ponder life...
My lunchtime view today
Pina Colada and Diamond Head
Lagoon at the Hilton Waikiki 1010
I stay at my mama's house, it has a mountain view, but if you run down the hall to the stairs (fire escape route) this is the view you'll see...
Mom keeps treasures from all the grandchildren. I found this hanging in the house. Paris made her this card for her birthday one year
Paris gave this to gram when she was 10
really, it's so dang cute
crabby and the jellyfish
the eels
Happy Birthday Gramma!
This is my beautiful mama. I am so lucky because people tell me I look like her!
My Beautiful Mother 2005
and this is mama's mom and dad
The Hawaii thing kind of runs in the family I think. I'll be home soon. But not quite yet. xoxox


miss lex: said...

as i sit here, bundled up in 3 shirts, a jacket, leggings, jeans, beanie, socks, heater, and soup on the way, i'm pretty jealous. but these pictures did warm me up :) hope you're having a blast!! soak up lots of sunshine and warmth for me!

Amy said...

You're probably on your way home as I type this, but I am so glad you had such a great trip. Thanks for sharing all of the great pics. I love seeing every picture, because I could see in my mind exactly where you were...since it's our girls "spot" in Hawaii! Love you so much sis. Travel home safe....and welcome back to reality (not always so fun to do, but we gotta do it!!)
love always,

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