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Sunday, October 10, 2010

If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.
-Lin Yutang, 1895 - 1976

It was a hot, hot day in Pleasanton today! We attended the Pleasanton Antiques Street Fair on Main St in Pleasanton, CA. Picked up our good friends Howard and Sarah and headed out on our treasure hunt.

I found two Gnomes for Karen. This one was $110.
Gnome for Karen $110
and I think we've seen this one before, but it appears his price has gone down by $50 today-$525
The EXPENSIVE Gnome for Karen $525(?)
I found the old kitchen timer for Mom. It's the one we always used at home when I was growing up
The old kitchen timer for Mom
HM found our old friend William!! I love William. He told me I had to get him to sign a photo release, but I didn't.
William just hanging out
To make up for that, here's his website. Now go buy some French Club Chairs from him so he can make his beautiful wife Katie happy!
William always has the best treasures, here's the Charcuterie sign Howard loved
Charcuterie sign for Howard
William's famous antique French Club Chairs
William's chairs
Here's a stunning piece of French Enamelware William had
French enamelware at William's booth
At another booth I found some boxes that would be great for my new filing system. My current system=throwing everything into Jjill bags and shoving them under my bed. It's probably time to start a real filing system.
A file system I can get into
Someone was selling her Grandmother's old Singer for $200. I like it because it is exactly the machine I learned to sew on (THANKS MAMA!)
The Singer like the one I learned to sew on...
The old Singer I learned to sew on
And my friend Ilhan in San Francisco plays the accordion, as does my dear friend Dave in Santa Rosa so I took these pictures for them. I thought this was very cool. It's also very cool that I know two people who can actually PLAY THE ACCORDION
Accordion for Ilhan
Accordion for Ilhan and Dave
It was very hot today, like a summer day. We were hungry too so Howie, Sarah, HM & I ended up at La Fogata for tacos and a pitcher of Herradura margaritas. We relaxed and watched about 5 different sporting events for awhile before heading home.
Tequila makes me sleepy so I took a little nap and awoke to the sound of the kids cheering with HM in the kitchen (music to my ears)- our GIANTS were winning!
A drop by visit by our dear friend Chloe was a lovely surprise and to top it all off my girls arrive tonight. Such a sweet and lovely day. I am one lucky mama, I'll tell you.


La Dolfina said...

What a great day! I was supposed to go and pick up a lamp from my favorite dealer Tere Lee, but we had too much to do before taking our son to the airport. I would love to meet up with you this week in the creek. Should we plan on Peet's like you suggested? I'm in!!

d. reyné said...

What a fun day!
I just found your too cute blog and can't wait to see what's next!
I had to laugh...I also tend to use J.Jill bags as part of my filing system!
I am so glad I stopped by!
Have a wonderful weeks end!

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