quilting and market and halloween and big time baseball all in one week

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coming home from Paradise is hard.
But I was happy to be back in the studio at Sandy's today...
It's my favorite job...
Quilting quilts for people...
Sandy and Ginger at Market!
while Sandy was at market, she ran into Ginger! And the booth looked great, filled with quilts Sandy pieced and designed (that I quilted). I love this job....
But I would have cancelled Hawaii to go to market with Sandy. Next time, I won't plan Hawaii and quilt market at the same time. I'd rather go to market THEN GO TO HAWAII!
If only we could do exactly what we wanted to do just every single day. *sigh*

Halloween was fun
Trick or Treating...2010
We Trick or Treated. And at each house we made the kids ask what the score was in the Giants game! Guess what? Everyone knew what the score was.The girls on Halloween
I carved the pumpkins 10 minutes before we trick-or-treated, directly after work and picking up the girls (whew) and this is my house. Note the Giants game on the TV inside.
our pumpkins
And the Giants won! I'm so so so happy about that. They won the World Series for the first time in my lifetime. Since 1954. Amazing. You should have seen all of the people at the parade in downtown SF on Thursday. Life is fun. Just about every day. We're pretty lucky :)
love lara

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