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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my zinc treasure chest (from Paris and then from my Handsome Man)

This lovely zinc treasure chest sits upon my dresser at home, filled with some of my special treasures. It was originally purchased from William Berg's studio in Benicia, CA. William purchased it in Paris and brought it home. Janey and I bought it from him when Scarlett was 3 (10 years ago!). We used it to display jewelry in our store, A Day In The Country, in Lafayette, CA. People always wanted to buy it, but it was never for sale.

When Janey sold the store in June of 2006, Handsome Man came to buy the case from her. She sold it to him. A few months later, when we started dating, he gave it to me. He knew how much I loved it. It is one of my all time favorite treasures. (I tried to link lots of cute images to my story, so be sure to click on the highlighted areas so you can see all the fun photos!)

Inside of it, the current treasures displayed are (starting at the top shelf):
1. The beautiful silverplate toast rack I purchased while living in Petersfield, England in the spring of 2006.
2. small handmade shaker box from PA
3. Match pewter whatnot dish with acorns on the lid, a Christmas gift from my dear friend Janey.
Middle shelf:
1. Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth- Coronation commemorative tin bank from May 12, 1937, a present that HM purchased for me from the Alameda Flea market for Christmas one year.
2. My large silver covered peanut dish (I'm a nut, so I tend to stick with this theme)
3. One of my handmade wool strawberry pincushions
4. A stilton blue cheese jar that actually had blue cheese in it. From Waitrose in Petersfield, England.
3rd shelf:
5.yellow Union Pacific 3824 tin caboose
6. teeny tiny yellow wooden chick
7. Stack of luscious vintage French ribbons sent to me by my friend Wendy from SF (Zander's mama!)
8. Vintage waxed cardboard Ice Cream carton (never used)
9. Salt & Pepper chalkware chicks (S for Scarlett & P for Paris- my daughters!)
Ground floor:
10. "My Gerber Baby" photo frame engraved with Scarlett's name and birthdate (sent in lots of baby food labels for that in 1998!)
11.3 perfect French egg cups from William's Antiks
12. Beautiful 19th century transferware hairbrush dish holding...
13. Hand carved acorn needlekeep from Handsome Man (road trip to Santa Barbara years ago- we stopped in Solvang and he bought it as a token of his affection. Read about it here
14. The dish contains vintage mirrored buttons, old French francs and euro coins and a perfect heart shaped iron lock with a tiny key that I bought from the Vanves flea market in Paris 10 years ago.

My old Eiffel Tower is on top of the case. My l'orange French egg cup turned pincushion (that I made), beautiful old wooden jewelry box from HM, and my trophy cup full of funny earrings and pearls is next. The old ceramic glove mold is something Janey and I bought for "A Day in the Country" years ago.

I rotate my treasures. This is just my current selection! You can see a past collection here
I just wanted to share some of my favorite treasures with you all. Thanks for stopping by!


Sparkleneely said...

You've always had the loveliest style. xoxoxo

French-Kissed said...

Wonderful cabinet and so nice that it found its way back to you. People really should indulge in the art of display much better than having them hidden away where we forget about not only them but the memories attached to them. Hope you are having a great weekend.


KWQR said...

I recognize those egg cups!!! I loved those... so glad they found a great home. Weather permitting, we will be at the March Alameda. Hope to see you there!
katie & william

larajanepark said...

Please note that #3, the last strawberry pincushion now resides in Switzerland with my dear cousin Jeni. Thanks to Curtis, her husband, who came to SF and had dinner with us at "Boulevard" and "North Beach Restaurant" and then took the strawberry and a ton of Peep's and other American candy to my already sweet Jeni. xoxox

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