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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do I choose???
I'm just a Mama who drove 720 miles (due to an unfortunate navigational error on my part) home from Santa Clara, Utah. (My sister beat me to blogging ) This is the first photo I came upon that sparked me.

Z & S. Snow Canyon, UT

Zac & Spence- Hike to Johnson's Arch 2/11

Zac, at the end of a hike to and from Johnson's Arch in Snow Canyon State Park, was airlifted by his awesome 16 year old bother, Spencer. You have never seen a more loved little boy than Zac Call, I swear (and no wonder, he is totally lovable!!!). Zac was so proud to be a hiker that he packed and filled his own Camelback. Packed an apple for himself too! We were surprised and impressed with his foresight (we didn't bring any snacks or water for anyone). He poked the apple core into Spencer's mouth and Spencer ate the whole thing, just like a horse- seeds and all. Zac 2 days later performed the same feat, in order to be just like his big brother. Such love in a family I rarely see. And we so needed the joy of that outing this weekend. xoxoxox

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