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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Once upon a time, the kids orthodontist (Dr. Brian Hockel of Walnut Creek- THE BEST) put me on his blog. I'd forgotten all about it until I was looking myself up on Google tonight...
Here's the entry he wrote about me.
I used to be Laragirl. Everything changed in 2005.


The carrots below were made as a special order for Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill (quilting patterns, pre Moda contract) about 6 years ago. She decorated her first market booth with them. Anne took a quilting class from me at ThimbleCreek in the 90's and she is a very creative woman!

I blogged about a very old, very expensive carrot pincushion Janey and Sandy found and photographed for me while in NY recently. Check it out here.

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Catherine said...

Dr Hockel's wife was the 1st person I met when I relocated to CoCoCo from Sonoma County in 1980. We were both involved in the Natural Family Planning movement. Nice to learn that someone I respect recognizes how special you are. xoxox

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