Spring Fling Risotto

Monday, March 28, 2011

There are just all of these wonderful layers to yourself and heck if they don't appear out of the blue and compel you to make risotto just like you did when your now 17 year old prom girl was crawling on the kitchen floor and totally blow your cover.

I can make risotto. But I already knew that. I've just been in cooking hibernation for the last 6 years.

HM was here earlier- after work. I fed him peanuts. No really. You think I'm kidding? He ate peanuts and had a beer with me. And as soon as I kissed him goodbye at the gate I started cooking...

I can't cook for HM. Because he is a better cook than I. And I wouldn't want to embarrass myself...There is just no explaining how weird I am. (PS I scribbled down the recipe for this risotto from some odd magazine in HM's office last week while I was waiting for him to take me out for a martini after work one day). I'm so sorry that I can't remember which magazine it was. I think it was a local-ish newspaper insert. If I remember what it was, will most definitely give credit later...

Here's the risotto:

First shell the fresh peas, cut the asparagus, saute the garlic...
yum and the recipe
Add the Arborio, butter, wine... and later the broth.
beginning risotto
Add broth as it is absorbed. Stir the whole time.
More broth now...
You should keep stirring....
Keep stirring...
Everyone has pincushions, Bridgewater and silverware in French glasses on their counter, right?
my mess

pincushions and Bridgewater. And silverware in cups.

kitchen treasures
bubbly. yes. keep stirring.
Then add parmesan cheese and more butter. Oh heaven. Cheese is heaven.
On Gramma Mom's Franciscan Ivy plate. I'm the only one in the family that ever liked these dishes. They are green. I love green.
risotto night
kinda crooked, try this one...
mama's risotto night
If you want to know, I'll give you the recipe. Just leave a comment.

The end.


miss lex: said...

that looks amazing lara!! :) :)

Catherine said...

how funny that you do NOT cook for HM - a recipe similar to this is my showoff meal for my own HM!

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