Old quilt treasure.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For my quilty friends, please check out this oh so gorgeous, perfectly handquilted, flawless red and white star quilt Hm & I found at an estate sale a few months ago:
Stars on the clothesline

I purchased it (ok, he paid) with a beautiful blue and white quilt that I will show you later. Both hand quilted and in excellent condition. The binding is in great shape which tells me that these quilts lived inside the LANE cedar chest that was also at that estate sale. The chest was sold, the quilts were tossed aside, and no wonder because they smelled mildewy and mothbally. Yuck. The lady running the show wanted $150 for them both. I was torn. I'm a textiles girl, but I also know that sometimes you CANNOT get rid of that old smell, no matter what you do. I told the lady this. Something like- "dang, I don't think I can make the smell go away". We were buying a pile of other things (revere ware- which I collect for my kids when they move out). I think in the end, we paid about $75 for both quilts.

I took them home and shoved them, one at a time into HM's beautiful Washing machine, on warm, with TIDE. As suspected, the red ran. The quilt was pink. ARRGH. Hung it to dry and then the next Saturday, I took myself to The Cotton Patch and bought a small bottle (6oz) of Synthrapol. I re-washed the quilt in a capful of synthrapol and warm water in that washing machine and it came out perfectly red and white. No more pink at all. Did the same thing with the already washed blue and white quilt and the synthrapol took out the grey tinge from the bleeding blue and I swear it looks like new. I would not be surprised if these quilts had not been washed more than a couple of times each, by hand, in the last 100 years.

New old quilt

You all are so good to put up with my ramblings. I am a quilter and textiles expert who is just a temporarily sidetracked executive assistant who wants to be a cowgirl who has a ranch and a spring/fall pied-à-terre in Paris.
Sometimes I get sidetracked by cowboys....
...or Paris...
Ile St. Louis, Paris May 2006
I know it seems random. But that's just me.
Au revoir, y'all behave yourselves.


Scarlett said...

i love your love for quilts. When i see you sew or knit it makes me happy :) like a little piece of my miniature hood (a.k.a. childhood. even though i'm apparently still your baby)

larajanepark said...

You will always be my baby :) xoxox

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