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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I almost fell down and couldn't get back up again.

Some girls like water. A lot.
And coffee. We get up ever day (as G. Mom would say), have some coffee.
Poole cafe

Dream of going to Paris again....soon.
Eiffel Tower

Or London!
the London Eye May 2006

explore corners...
Winchester Cathedral, England

After all, you never know what you'll find...
Stare at the Sea...
Canary Islands

Stinson Beach Feb 06

Easter at Stinson Beach by myself

Sutro Baths, San Francisco Feb 2006

any beach will do...
The Beach Girl West Wittering, Sussex, UK 3/06

Water is best for me. And sunshine. And adventure. xoxox

1 comment :

Scarlett said...

i believe i share every desire you have except for the coffee part! bleh! :)

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