Sunday fun with cookies and puppy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This dog helped me bake cookies today.
Odin 8/28/11
I had a bee in my bonnet to make mama's Oatmeal Crunchies this morning. Maybe because the air conditioning was on and it didn't seem too hot to bake.
Oatmeal crunchies.
Odin likes to be in the kitchen with me. And he likes cookie dough. And garlic. And green beans. And ice cubes. He is adorable. I am in love...
Odin almost 4 months old.
I didn't have the recipe so my little sister sent it to me in a facebook message this morning. I love these times of instant answers!!
Mama's Oatmeal Crunchies
They are yummy. We had them for lunch. Happy Sunday from California!


the mrs. said...

darling. just darling. thanks for the recipe by the way! so excited to make them for b :) perhaps i will make them tomorrow for my first day of school afternoon snack :)

Amy said...

Love the post, but wish I was there to enjoy those with you. We love oatmeal crunchies around here...but especially if they are on the softer side. Mama is the one who likes crunchy cookies! Love you sister.
PS Isn't garlic bad for dogs? Trying to get rid of him all ready? ;)

Lauren said...

Thanks for saying hello!
I LOVE your dog. Love. Is it a Bernese or Swissy? or something related? I am reeling because we are in the market and are hoping to rescue a Swissy and guess what, name him Oden (with an E)!

larajanepark said...

Yes our Odin is named after a Norse God. He's a Bernese Mountain dog. He will be 4 months old on September 7! He weighs 37 pounds. Thanks for the comment! I love to have new followers :)
PS I wanted to name him Handsome, but I was outvoted.

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