Saturday, December 31, 2011

Everybody has some plans. Here are some of mine....

Acquire my own washer and dryer:

Move to a house with more than one room:

Take a road trip with my girls:

Do more yoga:

Read more books:

Spend a week at the beach:

Grow vegetables in a garden of my creation:

Send my daughter Paris to her city all by myself:

Send my daughter Scarlett to Grammy Camp this summer:
my beautiful freckle face farm girl


What's on your list???
Whatever it is, I wish you peace and health and happiness so you can achieve your goals. Happy New Year to you all.

1 comment :

Nicole said...

what a great list.
my list would be

get some rooms painted in our 120 year old house
travel to china for the 6th time
start my own etsy business
grow the leetle bloggy

happy happy new year.

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