Loved Forever

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some things, I have simply loved for as long as I can remember....
Houndstooth Coats
Emerson Made Houndstooth Coat

Marilyn Monroe:

France and all things French:
La Tour Eiffel

Robert Redford:
Robert Redford


Sparkleneely said...

I can certainly attest to this. Though you forgot BABIES. (I still have my houndstooth coat from high school, BTW!) xoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

and you are loved forever!

larajanepark said...

BLACK AND WHITE CAR COAT by EmersonMade $278.00 just found the source of the houndstooth fabulousness online. LOVE her line! Here's the coat description: "Great fitted shoulders and perfect long sleeves, double-breasted Houndstooth wool with Black gold rimmed buttons. Pair with Emerson Skinnys for afternoons running errands or Emerson LBPant for a lunch meeting, or have a drink will you and layer it over some beat-up jeans with Emerson Killer heels, red lippy and go out for the night smoking a little ciggy why don't you--you don't have to inhale for gods sake we won't judge."

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