Tuesday Obsession-Balustrades

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have a serious obsession with Balustrades, thanks to my other obsession-Pinterest.
So we'll now have "Tuesday Obsession" every week. Don't miss it, I'm never going to run out of obsessions. As I am, a total dreamer...

bal·us·trade noun \ˈba-lə-ˌstrād\

Definition of BALUSTRADE

1. a row of balusters topped by a rail
2. a low parapet or barrier

Balustrade at Versailles:

Clearly beautiful balustrade:

Palais Garnier, Paris, France

If you find more balustrades for my collection while perusing Pinterest (or anywhere on the web) post on Pinterest with @Lara Snydal Mijatovich.

Thanks. Tuesday Obsession is going to be fun. Can't wait until next week xoxoxox
Love, me.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I think one of those is the Opera House in Paris... sigh. Pinterest is fun, huh? I am also completely enamored with Tumblr. I find the best inspiration over there! xo

Kim said...

Gorgeous!!! Apparently I also love balustrades, judging by my gasps at your pics! Looking forward to Tuesday Obsession!

Garrett said...

Hi Lara! I'm trying to respond to your comment left a few days ago... Please send me an email :)

French-Kissed said...

Me too!!!! love blaustrades and wrought iron railings!


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