I'd love to be wearing this....

Friday, February 17, 2012

to a Friday night cocktail party.

From Ralph Lauren's Fall/Winter 2012 collection:

 or this silver dress from Michael Kors Fall/Winter 2012 collection:

(above images thanks to www.thesartorialist.com)

Or this... this coat...

My weekend style...

I'm crazy for- Loving Atlantic Pacific

Her look is PERFECT! I had to force myself to resist purchasing this Kate Spade pullover fur when I saw it on sale here last week. Not very practical for the office...

Best I can do is probably this:

 with sunglasses (from Target since my favorite Coach ones now live at the bottom of the ocean), Hudson jeans, and cowboy boots, toting around my Valentine's present to myself: My new Kate Spade Windsor Square Angeline in Palomino.

and inside my lovely palomino (thats what I'M callin' it!), is this, my most favorite book that I'm reading again.

PS Garance Doré posted some hospital shirt thing from Proenza Schuoler's show, but all I could see was Anna Wintour sitting on the sideline in her leopard skin coat. *sigh*

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Sparkleneely said...

I have that leopard coat -- you can borrow it.

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