Gray Day

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gray vs. grey

It's a rainy, gray, wet day here in Northern California. I get shocked by this kind of weather. I can't take the garbage out in bare feet when it rains. It's not a good idea to leave the sunroof open on days like this. I prefer sunshine to rain, but I don't mind the COLOR Gray (or Grey, however you prefer to spell it). You know I gave my first daughter "Gray" as a middle name. In case she needs a nom de plume, for when she becomes an author, actress, teacher or whatever. Mijatovich is not as elegant as "Gray"...I imagine her being called Madmoiselle Gray by her AP French 5 students...

1 comment :

Amy said...

Thanks for the gray-day warning! We always get your rain the next day. Love all your pictures. Sometimes when I look at too many pretty things, it just makes me want them too much!! You've always had elegant taste! Love you sister. xoxoxoxo Aim

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