Alameda Antiques Faire, July 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 1, 2012. First Sunday of the month means Flea Market!

SF View

We always called it the Flea Market when we were kids. My parents taught me the art of shopping for treasures when I was just a kid. Best deals:
tools, kitchen items, belts, jewelry, books, music, etc. Still true today. Only now they call it "Alameda Antiques Faire". Go after 9am to get in for the low price of $5/person. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring baby wipes (there are never any towels at the port-a-pottys) and digging through junk treasures is dirty business. Bring small change ($1's, $5's and $10's) and always have enough cash for unexpected junk
treasures. Don't wear designer jeans or your diamond earrings. Don't carry your Longchamps bag. Don't act fancy. Be a regular person. Bargain by asking "what's your best price?" respectfully.

There are few harder ways to make a living these days than as a traveling antiques dealer. I was a vendor at Alameda ONE TIME when Janey & I had A DAY IN THE COUNTRY. You have to get there so early that it's still dark out. It's Northern California, so it's always freezing in the mornings, most often foggy and windy and damp. The day is so long for a vendor. You can't even begin to pack up until 3pm. You get sunburned, windburned, dirty, and starving. Nobody gives you "what it's worth", and people come back every month and do it again. Be polite. Be empathetic. Be your best self.

Here are some treasures I documented last Sunday: (a few that "got away" too, and I'm kind of sad about the rug and the green bowl). Enjoy.

The boots are mine! Loved them and they are a perfect 7. Worn in and FABULOUS:
Mamas new boots
$60.00- deal

Armless Mike
I didn't ask- but even armless, he's adorable. (Alameda is Pixar's backyard) Don't know Mike?? Go straight to Netflix and watch MONSTERS, INC.

Farm Windmill and skull
Didn't ask, but the display was cool. One of the last rows. We were so tired!

Redwing Crock

Redwing Crock $65.00 (she would have taken a $50 for it). That's a deal.

Chest that got away

Primitive chest. Asking $200, I seriously considered this one. Each side and top were a single piece of wood. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Too sad I didn't get it.

Big Daddy's Antiques

Big Daddy's Antiques. The priciest booth at the place. I took this picture for their great wood collage. The mercury glass jugs were fabulous too. Didn't ask the price, they're busy with serious spenders here.
Big Daddy's Antiques

Big Daddy's Antiques

Big Daddy's Antiques again. Someone was in my way when I wanted to snap a picture of the wood collage, so I took this shot to pass the time. Did you know that wine is cheaper than water in France?

Carter's Infant Wear box

Nothing is cuter on a baby than Carter's terry snap-up jammies. This box was empty. $15.00.
I would have bought it for a baby display at the store, once upon a time....

I'm a sucker for French Enamelware of almost any kind.
Yellow French Enamelware

I'm a sucker for French Enamelware of almost any kind. $85.00.
Six years ago, I would have thought it a steal at $185.00, and retailed it at $360.00. Before you choke, I sold every piece of enamelware I ever purchased for the store. AT THOSE PRICES. Six years ago.

Handmade canvas flags

Cute homemade flags. Out of vintage canvas, hand printed with spool finials.
$8/each. I took this photo for Aunt Carolee. She'll make them for The Christmas House on Bainbridge Island, WA.

Diminutive Davenport

Cute display. Very cute couch.

My Rug. That got away. $200.

She would have taken $200 cash for it. When I came back for it, it was gone. Very Sundance Catalog. My loss. Seriously sad about this.


Not a political statement. Just a childhood memory. My dad had a Barry Goldwater Zippo that his father gave to him. I always remember it.

Rubber Band Ball

Made me think of my son, Simon. Was a time he would have coveted this!

Rubber Band Ball

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Hand pieced. Hand quilted. Excellent condition. I think it was about $200.00, which is a steal. Look at the tiny sashing diamonds!!! Too bad I'm not a huge fan of quilts from that era. But I can totally appreciate the work and dedication. It was is great shape. Now is the time to buy antique quilts. I have never seen better prices for well made old quilts. And I've been in the market for about 26 years.

tape measure tangle

I like the cloth ones better (but I must own them all!). These were plastic, from George's booth. A tangled mess just like a woman's mind....

Green Batter Bowl (that got away)

Seriously. The one that got away.
$25.00. Made in the USA. Old and in perfect condition. So sad about this loss....

Display magic.

display magic. That's all I can say about this vignette.

Remember this?

Sometimes things are very unattractive and still bring back great memories....

Nautical upholstery

Upholstery magic. Nautical and fabulous for somebody's decor!

upholstery magic.

Not exactly my style, but the work someone put into this piece is amazing...

Seriously cool beach umbrellas.

Seriously cool beach umbrellas. Need I say more??

I have a thing for clocks...

I love the display, and thanks to my mom and Uncle Bob (Yes, Bob's my Uncle!), I have a thing for old clocks!

My tiny tour of Alameda this week. Brought to you courtesy of J. Christopher Thompson, DDS, who's office made my mouth so numb today that I couldn't go into work to answer phones. I look like I was hit with a baseball bat. But I guess that's what I get for waiting 5 years to go to the dentist. Thank goodness I finally have dental insurance. Amen.



RaeJean said...

Do you remember how much those FAB beach umbrellas were? Curious

Sparkleneely said...

The first time I ever went to the flea market was with you in 1986 in Firsty, and I'm looking at that very purchase RIGHT NOW -- a 1930's Betty Boop alarm clock. You drove, and Sean Malloon, Ellexx and I rode along. I was super hungover and didn't want to go, but I'm glad I did. You taught me to twist my ring so the diamond faced downward (I didn't have one, but now I do. Maybe I'll meet you next month... It's become WAY too crowded and trop cher for me, but it would be fun to see you!

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