Alameda Antiques Fair August 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A lovely outing today at the Alameda Antiques Fair out at the point today. Foggy and overcast all day, the vendors said it was raining (sprinkling) as they set up around 4:30am. Not cold, but definitely San Francisco summer weather. HM and Courtney and I got there about 9:30 am vowing to only walk until we were too tired out to go on. Last month we did the whole thing and were exhausted. We stayed until about 12:30pm and headed home. I did not have anything in particular in mind aside from yard furniture, but always keep my eyes open for small treasures to spruce up my little home.

First I should say, we have spent a few unsuccessful for the most part, Saturdays Garage sale hunting around town. We found a cute old washboard that came to live with me a couple of weeks ago, and it was a stretch at $10. But I hadn't found anything else and I wanted it, so W bought it for me. $10. I took it home and scrubbed it up and put some Howard's Feed 'n Wax on the wood. It looks great! Here it is:
National Washboard Company. $10- yard sale find.
He also found me a set of books from the late 1800's at a little old lady garage sale after he dropped me off at home that day. A steal at $5 for the set. They are true treasures, I have spent lots of time reading them already. Thank you Handsome Man. I love 'em!
Copyright of one of the books.

Now for the things we saw that we did not buy at the flea market today.  I would love to have any of these....

Green confiture pots from France, $28 each.
Alameda Flea Market 8/12
Me and the mirrors. Yes, that's a Fisher Price chatter telephone iphone 4s cover on my phone. You can find it here
Alameda Flea Market 8/12
The label from the inside of a John Handley leather suitcase:
John Handley suitcase
The pine shelf that got away. $35.00.
Pine shelf
Beautiful coral display:
Coral display
6 gallon cast iron bean pot:
6 gallon cast iron bean pot
Enamel Vespa sign from William's booth:
Vespa Service enamel sign
(Please read his wife Katie's blogpost from today here, called Fate, Love and Cosmic Pinball. She and William met here at this very flea market while she was working on Jaques Pepin's cooking show on PBS and William was selling his beautiful French wares here and everywhere. Now they have 3 beautiful boys and I have loved watching their family evolve. They are so very blessed and I love them all.)
Courtney bought some great iron shelf brackets from William today, but I forgot to take a picture of them. So sorry!
Etched seltzer water bottles:
Etched seltzer bottles!
French enamelware canisters:
French Enamelware
Black Banker's Boxes (I have quite the collection!):
Bankers Boxes
I saw my washboard!!! Th non-rusted one was $99!!! The rusty one was $20something. Still, I've more than doubled my money in my head from last week's purchase :)
The $99 washboard
National Washboard Co.
Remember Full-Serve Gas Stations??
Full serve sign
I've seen these before, but I love this green:
Old sign
My kids are part Yugoslav. So it was fun to see an old globe that had Yugoslavia as a whole country:
Yugoslavia as one country
It was a mid-century treasure for sure:
Mid-Century globe on stand
Framed Starfish:
The tin seahorse I liked for my friend Cordelia. She swims for the Dewing Park Seahorses!
Tin Seahorse
Feeling patriotic as usual, I can't resist a photo of our beautiful flag:
Windy in Alameda today
This lady's behind was in my way at first, but I adored this German Pine Table:
German Pine Table $295
Ahh, here's a better picture:
German Pine Table $295
The same booth had a to-die-for French Grain Bin- $695, but it was sold. I loved it.
French Grain Bin $695
I saw this great old sunburst (?) quilt and had to photograph it:
Beautiful old quilt. c1870
The background fabric had disintegrated due to the dye in the fabric (Typical of the late 1800's), but it was hand quilted, about 10 stitches to the inch. Don't you find it interesting that the rest of it held together so well??
Beautiful old quilt. the background fabric was eaten away by the dye used. Hand quilted, about 8-10 stitches per inch.
A little childhood nostalgia, of course. Fisher Price little peoples with wooden heads- $25 takes all.
Little Peoples. $25 takes all.
William had this Michelin Man with an owie. I loved it. I've never seen a Michelin Man with an owie before and I adored it.
Michelin man with an owie.
The only thing we came home with are these beauries:
W's boots
Perfectly worn Justin Cowboy boots in HM's size. A score at $40. I was the boot jack, if you're wondering :)

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