Careful Sweetheart, Love Hurts.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Handsome Man and I love the first Sunday of the month. It's when the Alameda Antiques Fair is "on". It was a gorgeous day! Hot and sunshiney- we got there early (before 8am) and didn't get home until 4pm. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just the usual treasures. Old quilts, cowboy boots, French silverware (anything French I suppose), green pottery, belt buckles, old friends etc.

I really like to take pictures of things that remind me of my life! Old things I may have had at one time or another, toys from my childhood, kitchen utensils that we used to have when I was a kid. Things that remind me of my family and of the people I love.

I was so excited to see "Ho-Ho". He's the exact same Santa that used to belong to my Great Aunt Margaret and Uncle Vince. He plugs in and lights up and slowly bends back and forth at the waist. Aunt Margaret and Uncle Vince used to put him on their front porch every Christmas when we were kids living in Lafayette, CA. My youngest sister Lisa loved Ho-Ho so much! She would fling her tiny arms around him and beg us to "visit" him every day. We lived on the same street as Aunt Margaret, Uncle Vince and Ho-Ho.  Here he is. (this one's for you Lisa) xoxox

(someone re-painted the red, but otherwise, he's just as I remembered him to be)

We saw lots of great treasures:

Barbed wire heart and glass insulators
Careful Sweetheart, Love Hurts

The shortest little clawfoot bathtub I've ever seen!

short little bathtub!

very short old clawfoot tub

They only have 12 chances a year to sell Christmas, so there's always something to be found. Especially on the first Sunday of November and December.


Pot full of Nativity Characters
Pot full of Nativity Characters

Stack of ornaments.
I love the graphics on the old "Shiny Brite" ornament boxes.

Mason Jar Snow Globes
Mason Jar Snow Globes

Santa Mugs at George's booth

Driftwood Christmas Trees

I'd love an old truck like this...
I liked both of these pictures

Just a pile of treasures (sorry about the shadow. I didn't take a ton of pictures this time so I don't want to leave anything out)

The Farmyard Darlings truck.
Farmyard Darling Truck

Oh! Look what I found!
Hand pieced Log Cabin from the late 1800's
An old, hand pieced log cabin barn raising quilt from the late 1800's!
Taking a picture of the booth # so I can come back to look at it again. She was asking $95.00 for it and I had to think about it.

Treasures from William's Antiks,



This old weathervane is one of the best things I saw, the guy was asking $200 for it (which I thought was fair). If I had a house that I owned, especially a beach house, I'd have scooped it up.

An old doll buggy like the one I got for Christmas one year when I was 5.

A duck like one from the Nursery at church when I was little,

There's even a plant lady who had gorgeous Japanese Maple trees,
(right next to the plant lady is the best teriyaki chicken bowl- get it over brown rice and pour the sauce on top. So delicious for $7.50- we ate it up before we could think to take a picture. At about 9am!)

A great old display from a hardware store in Kansas.
Hardware Store display from Kansas

Hardware Store display from Kansas
The pie shaped drawers pulled out. It was missing a few, but if I still had a store I'd have bought this for a display.

It's incredible to me that Alameda has this huge beautiful waterfront that's just being used for nothing. The view to San Francisco is beautiful. I can really see a gorgeous neighborhood here, with a ferry to the city, plenty of restaurants with patio seating, apartments with views. But this is what it is for now. It's filled with old military housing buildings that are vacant and boarded up. I guess nobody can figure out how to get it from the government and develop it without causing a big fuss, so here it sits.



Should have bought this great old basket. It was in good condition for its age. At least 100 years old. I just checked with HM and he said he thought it was from 1860-1880. We both agree that we should have bought it. The guy was asking $95 for it. We're sorry we didn't get it.

I've never even heard of Regal Pale Beer. Have you?

Courtney met us later in the day and bought this old tool bench on wheels. She's already purchased a new (old) white marble top for it (from Omega Salvage in Berkeley) and is going to refinish it and use it as an island/sideboard in her kitchen. She has the cutest little cottage in Oakland with big high beam ceilings and she has it fixed up so nice. This will be a great piece for her!

My friend and next door neighbor Clare used to make embellished baby jean jackets and this reminded me of her cute stuff. Oh our little grand-niece Ellie would be so ADORABLE in these girlied-up Osh-Kosh overalls!

You know me and my crate thing...
It's always been about containers of any kind for me.

Hundreds of old Coke bottles and crates...

Perfect Barn Art if you ask me

Spokes and clothespins

It always amazes me how the vendors can completely set up "shop" in one morning and have the whole thing dismantled and packed up and be driving home by 4 or 5pm.
Her "shop" was cute

After the flea market we stopped for refreshments in Orinda.
Then we came home.

I did buy the beautiful log cabin quilt top. She took $75 for it at about 2pm.
Here it is...
Mama's new old Barnyard Raising Log Cabin quilt from the 1880's


HM bought me this #12 Bauer bowl
Green, of course :)

He got himself this tiny old little bowl (it's so small and cute)
and a pair of fabulous old American Indian baskets:

Not pictured: Exquisite sterling and turquoise hand tooled Navajo belt buckle. With the Artists mark.

Then we came home and cleaned the guns
Scarlett's surprised that people really DO that, as opposed to just singing about it in country songs. We told her she could bring the boys on by any time, he'd just be sitting here, cleaning his gun.


We always have fun. I love my little family and I love my life.
Now it's time to go quilt my new quilt!




Sparkleneely said...

That Santa was TOTALLY what I wanted to go for... And then I changed my mind. And then I regretted it. xoxo

Kim said...

Thanks for taking me to the flea market with you! So envious, wishing I lived somewhere that had a good flea market!! I'm with you on the container thing. And OMG love that quilt!!!!

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