Log Cabin Quilt Update

Monday, November 12, 2012

Remember the log cabin quilt top I bought from this post? Well I went to Sandy Klop's on Sunday and quilted it at American Jane Studio. Sandy found me a great backing and a Quilters Dream Cotton Request batting so onto the frame it went and I quilted it. I have not yet bound it, I'm looking for the right 1880's reproduction fabric and I think that bin is in the garage. I'll have to dig for the binding this week. So here it is, on the frame in progress and then finished but unbound and quilted on my bed:

Whenever I finish a quilt, it must be slept under immediately. That's how we fill them with love. Ask my kids. Anytime I made a quilt, they each got to take a few turns sleeping under it before we gave it away or sold it, so it would be all filled with love.

Sweet Dreams.


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