Sunday Morning Breakfast a la Mama

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Breakfast a la Mama

Ok, the posts can't all be about the flea market. Some Sundays are made for hanging out at home.
Today's special was "egg in the hole". Idea courtesy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks (get it here) page 46. This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks by one heck of a gal. 

I added the cheese and bacon crumbles. 

It should be noted that I was simultaneously making Tom Colicchio's Potato-Leek Soup from this cookbook, page 90. It's really good, and I'm not crazy about cooking bacon, but have to for this recipe so I thought I'd make some for the soup, some for the breakfast.  
Paris was very pleased. She loves my  Tom's potato leek soup and she loved "egg in the hole". She appreciates when I cook, it reminds her of when she was little and I cooked a lot.

I woke up today and took Odin outside to the front yard. It was sunny, but frosty and freezing! 29F overnight and there was shimmery icing on everything outside. Never mind, Odin has a fine fur coat and I had on warm boots and a fleece jacket with my leopard print flannel jammies, so I sat on the porch steps and had my coffee and O played in the cold, icy grass and chewed on pinecones.

He is so dang cute. Here's a picture of him on alert because he's just seen "kitty", our neighbor Cordelia's cat.

Don't worry, I didn't let him get kitty.

Then we came inside and watched Season Three, Episode One of Downton Abbey again, which was fabulous and we are all terribly addicted!!! Guess what we'll be doing tonight at 9pm??!!


Amy said...

LOVE Downton!! Love happy mornings at home together, and food always brings people together. Loves to you and the family. Can't wait to see you next month and again this summer to party it up!! xoxoxoxo love ya sister :)

Pear Girl said...

Ahhhh this was the best ever!!! thank you so much for making them this morn :) and watching downton with me! xoxoxo

Cindy Sharkey said...

I like being in a cooking mood and when it's cold there is nothing like homemade soup. Looks yummy and so nice to have a quiet day at home with family. xoxo

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