Tiffany & Co.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I love how someone kept this on their bulletin board since 2005. I found this image on Pinterest, but I have the same ad saved in one of my old journals.

Everybody loves Tiffany & Co. For the obvious reasons, Audrey Hepburn and Truman Capote made it pretty famous on the bookshelves and the big screen.

They make beautiful jewelry and treasures that are a symbol of the "good life". This year for Christmas I received the most beautiful sterling silver ball point pen from my company- engraved with my initials LAM. It's so elegant!

Did you know that I was about 5 minutes away from selling diamonds at Tiffany & Co. 2 years ago? I was! I applied, was interviewed twice, drug tested, background checked and hired. Scheduled to start even! And then I had this call from my agency and was urged to just go and "talk" to Sunset Development Company. All while I was working at Kaiser. So I went to interview, thinking 'well I have a job at Tiffany's so I'm sure not going to be worried about this!' and then I got called back the next day to interview with Alex and he hired me. So I had to give notice at Kaiser, tell Tiffany & Co. "thanks, but..." and started at Sunset exactly 2 weeks later.

I'm a lucky girl. Everybody wanted me! But I got the best job of all.

I would have loved Tiffany & Co. too. How lovely to have choices. I was very proud of myself!

I have a silver charm bracelet that came from Tiffany & Co. It was a gift to me from the children's father for our 7th wedding anniversary. It had 7 charms on it- one for every year we had been married. I have since added and subtracted charms to this bracelet and each one means something special to me about a time in my life. I wear it every day and only take it off to go through airport security. I love it.

1. Clawfoot Bathtub-from Bath, England 

2. Enamel shield from Fontainbleau, France- given to me by my Aunt Carolee for the 4 years she and her sisters (Mama) lived in Fontainbleau with my grandparents after the war 

3. rocking horse-original to the bracelet, but to me it represents the very first antique I ever sold to HM in our store "A Day in the Country". It was a beautiful wooden rocking horse from the early 1800's that we bought in France. It is MOST BEAUTIFUL. I love to look at it and am so glad I can visit it anytime I want to.

4. The Gayer-Andersen Cat from the British Museum- my mom brought this to me after her trip to Europe with George years ago 

5. La Tour Eiffel- for my daughter Paris and my favorite city 

6. My double decker bus I bought in London in 2006- it was subsequently squished in a stapling incident while working at a law office 

7. Matador from Spain- this was the 7th anniversary trip I took with the kids dad in 1996 (where I got the bracelet) 8. The toy soldier that was original to the bracelet 

9. Tinkerbell from our family Disneyland trips- Scarlett's favorite (I was not getting a Buzz Lightyear charm!) 

10. This funny luck charm from Portugal- the hand that looked like all of the door knockers there (same bracelet trip in 1996) 

11. The Scottie dog was original to the bracelet 

12. The life ring- this is the charm I bought myself for my 40th birthday- I had thought I was drowning in this world and the life ring reminds me that I am strong enough to save myself (even if it does take a few years, a million hot baths and a 4 month trip to England to sort myself out).

People ask me about it all the time and they are always interested that each tiny charm holds a real (sometimes crazy) story.

P.S. When the children were smaller- especially Scarlett, they used to sit and pick a charm and we would make up a silly story going charm by charm. "Once there was a cat who took the bus to the Eiffel Tower, where he met a Matador who was hiding from a soldier! Tinkerbell flew down and offered them a hand while a Scottie Dog wore a lifering while taking a bath in Fontainbleau, and the rocking horse didn't tell a soul what he had seen......" 

It's amazing the stories were always different.
So those are my Tiffany & Co. stories for today.

The End



Becky said...

I received a blue box with white ribbon in my stocking this year. Just the box makes me swoon. Tiffany's is magic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love Tiffany's! Love the movie too. I love a sentimental piece of jewelry. Your post gives me encouragement. I search the job boards daily and have updated the resume. I want choices! I'm hoping they come soon and they are wonderful. xo

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