Last night I woke myself up speaking French in my dream.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm weird that way. Since I don't think I speak French very well when I'm awake. I just don't remember things easily. Unless there's a visual. I have an indelible memory for visuals.

I may not remember my daughters college class schedule, work schedule and date night plans. I may never be good at remembering lots of things. But I will tell you this- I will never forget that Oscar de la Renta did the green sequined baseball shirt in Paris. (I'll also never forget that he was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga or that the current CEO of ODLR is ODLR's stepson, Alex Bolen).Seriously. Ask me in 25 years what I remember about fun fashion around 2013- I'll say this:

I told you, my mind holds what it wants to hold. Oscar, Cristóbal, Paris fashion week, lyrics to all of "Oh Susannah" and the "Yellow Ribbon Song", the Encyclopedia of Quilt patterns, Edgar Guest poems, the recipe for homemade play-doh and lentil soup.

Tu crois que je suis une maman horrible? J'ai besoin de cette chemise. Merci.


larajanepark said...

$100 to the first person who finds me the pattern and yarn to knit this beauty!

missmcgovern said...

Hi Lara - I love a challenge - looked on Ravelry & found - several of their patterns have parts of what you want - I think you could put together the sleeves, neck, body from some combo of #291, #283, #265, #256 (my favorite for your desires), #115, 7/or #233 - bon chance - ps, I've done the same in my sleep - pps - it was great seeing you in Alameda last month - xxx - c

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