Playing in the dirt

Saturday, March 30, 2013

1-4 Front porch plants 5. Yellow Daisies growing from a stump 6. The one mom cut back to the nubs last year just started blooming like crazy 7. Peonies (my favorite flower) 8. ladybug on a peony leaf 9. more lovely peonies 10. Lilacs 11. Red roses 12. pinkish reddish roses 13-15 Morning glories planted at the backyard fence 16. Love by Scarlett

I used to think I was anything but a gardener. I'd even tell people that I had a "black" thumb, and that I could only grow weeds and children (which was not totally true, I could always grow geraniums and ivy too).  But you should see me now! I think when your troubled soul settles and love seeps into every dark corner of it, the love and happiness start overflowing and then all of the plants grow. 

I love playing in my gardens.

1. houseplant started from a cutting of #7 2. orchids in recovery ward (aka laundry room) 3. Stripey guy from Wendy at work as a housewarming gift last year 4. orchids in recovery ward 5. Geraniumish plant started from a cutting from W's house 6. Harold (named by Paris) 7. Salvaged plant 8. Orchids brought back to life by moi 9. Orchids brought to us from our friend Joe


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Cindy Sharkey said...

Love all the pictures, so green... you do indeed have the love & joy flowing out of you. Peace and happiness heals the heart and love seeps in. :)

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