Alameda Flea Market, April 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

 Lovely, but they wanted $20 each book! Yikes!
 Stadium seat

 Carved of wood
 Oh the ANT FARM that reminds me of this post (and my childhood!)
 Me and my crate/box/container thing...
 For riding off into the sunset together.....
 The tooling was beautiful on this saddle
 Treasures from William's booth

 Oh how I need this cafe table base....
 An Arthur Court walrus ice bucket. The tail and the head tip open on hinges!
A Red Cross Medicine chest. Reminds me of a Seabold Vintage Market find.
 Lovely chest. He said American, we said English. If I'd have had a spare $950, it'd be in my little house right now.

 Odin protecting Ellie's tiny cowgirl boots.

 Such a good baby, our Odin.
 Nobody is getting these boots except Ellie!

 Ellie's boots and my 1930's French Latte bowl from William's Antiks. William has 3 boys and they need shoes! We always try to buy something from him. Believe me, it's not hard.

 Getting fancy with the display (miss this job, I'll tell ya)

 Commissary food?
 Definitely lunchroom at McCoy School in Eagle County, CO circa 1977

 It was actually HM who couldn't pass up Ellie's boots. Look how tiny they are in his hands.

 Fortunately, I was able to pass up the strange cowboy boot flower planters.

 Tiny Standard Folding Typewriter
 The Lone Ranger and the Black Shirt Highwayman. (A BETTER LITTLE BOOK)
 Odin was happy to run in the yard when we got home. Here's HM watching over him.
 Tired feet after a long flea market day.
 The Christmas Boots. They've been night caving in Utah, flea marketing, two stepping, and grocery shopping. Love my cowgirl boots.


Cindy Sharkey said...

Love you got out, relaxed and found treasures. Makes for beautiful moments.

KWQR said...

Those little boots slay me... love! And the bowl was one from my personal collection... am trying to pare down... enjoy!

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