Lazy May Sunday

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The girls, Wayne and I went to breakfast then played in the yard of W's house with Odin.
The lazy days of summer are almost here. Too bad Mama's don't get summer vacation too!
Pear brought her camera. But breakfast was so good, it disappeared before we could think to photograph it!
Then we were full and lazy...
Even Odin was tired after awhile.
I try and go barefoot whenever I can....(it's not encouraged at work).
The girls are silly and lovely at the same time. It's rare to have a Sunday when Paris doesn't work, so we were happy to spend the morning together.

Sweet love every day....
Who wouldn't want to come home to this on their front door?
The girls did this for my birthday and I decided it should stay up forever.

Good plan, dontcha think?

Happy Spring


P.S. Last night we saw "42" at the movies. It was amazingly wonderful. I highly recommend it to all!

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Erin Estella said...

oh I love all the fun-ness! It looks so summer-y and happy! I miss you all so much! and 42 is amazing :)

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