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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pear is a more prolific blogger than I these days, take note here and here and dang if I didn't have a birthday while time was flying by here.

My Spanish is seriously lacking.  (Hence, the "Cinco de Quattro" of May 4th on Pear's blog- and hey, it made sense after a margarita). Vito tries to teach me something new every day at work, but alas, as many times as I write down (phonetically, of course) 'They always blame it on me" or "I'm not the guilty one!"- all I can remember is "Dios mio" or that "Bien" is the answer to his quick inquiry that translates to "How are you today miss Lara?". I have, however, trained him to say "How is the Princess today?" when he walks up the grand staircase to my office each morning, so don't think I'm not trying SOMETHING new! There's something about Princess in any language that makes me smile.

Ahem, yes. Flea market first Sunday of the month, Sadly only a few photos below. The original idea was to wake up early and be done by noon, which only works for one of us (the one who wakes at 5am every single day). I woke up at 8am and that made for a 9:30 am arrival at Alameda, thankfully Courtney waited in line to get us tickets so we could zip right in like VIP's. We did try a new food truck- Dim Sum, which is brilliant because they can make all the food ahead of time and just keep it steaming in bamboo boxes over simmering water heated by propane gas. No prep time, chopsticks and paper plates. It was a good set up, if a little expensive.... But yum dim sum....

Missed seeing William, but stopped in his booth quickly. I came away with an old red and white quilt (I think it's still in the dryer at HM's house), and C & HM each found cowboy boots.

Back home to head to my other work for the first time in months. Quilted a little quilt at American Jane Studio, I'm rusty I'll tell you and had to get a little visit in with my girl Sandy Klop, which of course led to tears (It's been a doozy of a month), exhausted myself and had to go to bed at 8:30pm. The girls checked on me and were like, "MOM's ALREADY ASLEEP" holy cow. Had to tuck themselves in.

Sometimes I go over all the stuff that's happened and I think, sheesh. I only had to go to bed early one night- heck, I'm surprised I survived it all!

Random photo uploads because I'm still surviving it all and I'm pretty exhausted:

 He was the other team (Orioles, but dang, he was right in front of me!)
 One of the first photos of the three of my beautiful children under my roof at the same time for the first time in over 7 years.
 SUSHI. With Andrew and HM. Yum. Kane, Lafayette.
 Birthday text from my Scarlett Darling...
 boot photo shoot on a Friday night....in the clover.

 My Birthday, At work.
 Birthday gift from my wonderful neighbors....

 The revamping of hand-me-down chaise lounges for the backyard....a work in progress.
 The new trellis from Farmyard Darlings in Lafayette. For the viney thing growing out of the pot that I inherited with the house when we moved in last year....
 Oh, the other hand-me-down chaise lounge near the newly planted Morning Glories on the back fence.
 Old school drinking fountain from the flea market,
 Beautiful Green door with transom window, all in one piece, for sale at Alameda $495.00.
 The dresser I thought that Paris would love!
 Cafe sign from France. William's Antiks. Alameda Flea Market, May 2013.
 You just know I'd love a PARK HOTEL sign.
 Best book find ever.
 The hen house. With green stairs.
 Really, don't tell me you think this isn't adorable.

Not my best post, but it's my life. A little bit of everything I thought to take a picture of.

Love to you , 


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Amy said...

Reminds me of all the times that we went to the flea market at kids. Oh the treasures we would find! It was great to read about all your cool finds!! The pic of your three darlings is the best!! Love you so much sister xoxooxox

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