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Monday, September 23, 2013

With Paris away in London doing her study abroad thing, I thought I'd put a few of my old UK pictures up from Dec 2005- June 2006. Armchair traveling. Happy memories.

Rag Freak, Brighton, UK 2005
Rag Freak, Brighton, UK Dec 2005
London, Spring 2006
Mermaids for Mom
Fountain at Buckingham Palace,  May 2006
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace, May 2006
Library, British Musuem 5/06
Library, British Museum May 2006
Stonehenge 12/2005
December 2005
Lara Roman Bath UK
Bath, UK  Spring 2006
The Beach Girl West Wittering, Sussex, UK 3/06
West Wittering, Sussex, UK March 2006
Jane Austen's Garden Gate
The arbor in the garden at Jane Austen's house in Chawton, Hampshire, UK  Spring 2006
Playing in Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral December 2005
Big Ben, of course
London, May 2006
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, April 2006
Wicker Man, Butser Ancient Farm
Wicker Man, Butser Ancient Farm, Spring 2006
Wicker Man burning
Wicker Man Burning, Butser Ancient Farm, Spring 2006
Green Men at the Beltain Festival..
Green Men at the Beltane Festival, Butser Ancient Farm, Spring 2006

Sunset on the Pier at Brighton, December 2005
Me at Sunset on Brighton Beach, UK Dec 2005
Heading to the Isle of Wight (hovercraft!)
2006 Going to the Isle of Wight
via hovercraft!
St. Catherine's Hill, Hampshire, UK 2005

Sometimes the best time to be lost is when you are adventuring.


All photo credits: James T. Shaffer ©2005-2013


Chloe Burley said...

Love it!! xoxo Chloe

lisalynn said...

Can you believe it has been almost 8 years since your trip?!? How time flies. You must get something on the calendar. It's always lovely to have something to look forward to....


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